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Simone Anderson on Hauraki Rail Trail Section E

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Ravin Rawal


We were lucky to have an opportunity to host New Zealand celebrity, Author & Social Influencer 'Simone Anderson' @Off the Beaten track on the Section E of the Hauraki Rail Trail with our partners House with no nails , The Old Forge Kitchen and Adventure Te Aroha

Simone, her partner Trent and friends William & Rebecca travelling from Auckland arrived late afternoon on Friday the 10th of July'20 at the House with No Nails and greeted by the host Jennifer Roberts and were treated to a great outdoor evening, bonfire, Wine n cheese and a roast dinner.

After a cozy night tucked in the warm barn, everyone woke up to a foggy winter morning and prepared to ride the section E of the Hauraki Rail trail on our E Bikes. The group took off from 80 Waghorn Rd to enter the trail 2.4 km away and rode towards Te Aroha passing the grazing cows, rolling pastures and the settlement of Manawaru to reach The Old Forge Kitchen.

After having a hearty brunch at The Old Forge Kitchen the next destination riding along the Kaimai ranges was Te Aroha where they disembarked the bikes and joined Kelvin who is an experienced Kayaker, who took the group for a historic town tour in his van and sent them off on the Kayaking trip down the Waihou river after briefing them with all the safety procedures and tips to enjoy the river.

After coming out of the Waihou river at he boat ramp in town, the group went on to soak in the Te Aroha Mineral Spas . After having their fill of the hot soda waters which made the skin feel silky and tummies hungry, it was time to drive back to 'house with no nails' where Me and my wife Sunita along with Jennifer had prepared a hearty traditional Indian feast for the unsuspecting guests.

Elaborate dinner at the long table was the best way to wind the beautiful day, with guests eating up to where the breathing becomes labored.

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